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About Us

Continuing to bring value with innovative programs and services for our clients in the seniors’ market, we collaborate with high level technicians and support offering tremendous experience in the Matterport™ program, postproduction and software development and management. We truly understand the unique challenges retirement communities face in preparing for tours, gaining market share, marketing and capturing client interaction in order to increase occupancy. In addition to Matter3DPRO we also own a Seniors’ housing database and marketing platform. With over 30 years in the Seniors’ housing and transition business we are the best option in delivering a full package. We are a Canadian based company offering the Matter3DPRO program to Canada and the U.S.. The marketing and database programs are known as and

Meet The Team

Our operational team is supported by software and program developers over 4 countries as well as a network of highly technical Matterport™ imagers across the country, combined to deliver the Matter3DPRO software overlay program.

Paul Cutajar:  Partner.  M-ASA™ – CEA
Paul offers clients unique insight to business development and operations based on years of company development, real estate, niche marketing and consulting.
The Matterport™ software was discovered during his real estate days and thought it should offer more.  Several years later, he was instrumental in developing the Matter3DPRO overlay program designed to deliver what business owners and sales managers want – customer contact integration!  Paul, along with Esther are owners of the  and  portals.

Manuel Briere:  Technical Advisor
Manuel is an essential member of Matter3DPRO team bringing an impressive insight to the technical requirements of the software deliverables and complete understanding of the Matterport™ sales process and camera equipment as a top Canadian Matterport™ reseller.  Manuel is fluent in French and is an active online Avatar focused on Matterport™ groups around the world.  His Matterport™ sales experience allows him to build on the hundreds of relationships he has developed with Matterport™ equipment owners and service providers.

Esther Goldstein:  Partner. B.Sc., B.S.W., RSW, ASA™
Esther brings over 20 years of business experience in the data/directory industry.   As the developer of, Esther has had her share of influence within the Retirement Home sector and has since expanded her reach as a partner in building on sector consulting and marketing opportunities.  Esther was also a Seneca Collage instructor for the Retirement Home programs.  Matter3DPRO is yet another extension of the understanding of marketing and communication with potential clients.


Dan McDonald:  Sales Manager.  CPA, CGA
Dan is a Chartered Professional Accountant incorporating the ‘numbers aspect’ to sales.  Dan offers interesting insight to markets, marketing and accountability as he works with clients.  Experienced in salesforce – Sales Cloud – Service Cloud – CPQ and more.  Having been involved in many levels of the sales process and management, Dan oversees the sales team and management of the sales process as it relates to his clients.  Understanding sales and marketing as it relates to a companies ability to connect with clients, is always a priority for Dan and we are pleased to have as part of the team.